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Giving Feedback

- emotional intelligence in action 

Giving Feedback provides a simple model for formal and informal feedback, and a demonstration of an emotionally intelligent approach.

Made with the Hay Group and based upon its Emotional Competence Inventory, the video provides 'good' and 'bad' feedback scenarios and an on-screen commentary and introduction to EI.

key learning points

  • setting and sharing an agreed agenda>
  • exploring and establishing facts
  • making and testing hypotheses
  • considering options and agreeing next steps

who is it for

  • managers and team leaders at all levels
  • team members
  • coaches and mentors
  • trainers and consultants

how to use it

  • model for giving feedback
  • framework for emotional intelligence competencies/li>
  • emotionally competent feedback
  • group training and self-study

what you get

  • realistic dramatised examples of good and bad practice (14mins)
  • video 'chapters' organised by examples and commentary
  • video 'introduction to EI'
  • video commentary
  • facilitators guide with training notes and presentation materials
  • workbook with questionnaire for self study and use in group sessions

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  Maggie and Tariq give Jo very different kinds of feedback and she responds accordingly...

Realistic dramatised scenarios demonstrating formal and informal feedback. 


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'Very professional and convincing - it makes an excellent accompaniment to a larger programme on EI.'
(Keith Taylor, Land Registry)

‘I enjoyed the video and feel it is a realistic depiction of the sorts of conversations - good and bad - that go on. ‘
(Celia Clark, OUP)

'II liked the realistic scenes and storylines. The general set-up of the DVD was good and quality very good. Excellent facilitator's guide.'

(Martin Brown, Woodside Associates)

'A measured product that illustrates the framework of emotional intelligence competencies with great clarity. Even the most high-handed manager would have a clear idea of what constitutes emotionally competent feedback by the end of the session. Better value handouts than many such packs. Value for Money*****'
(Training and Coaching Today)