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The Manager as Coach

- coaching skills / process 

The Manager as Coach promotes an emotionally intelligent approach builds effective working relationships and encourages continuous improvement. It demonstrates a simple coaching framework and highlights the skills you need to coach effectively. The realistic workplace story engages you with the issues; the supporting materials, written by John Armstrong, help you apply the ideas to your own circumstances.

key learning points

  • coaching helps build relationships
  • coaching opportunities occur all the time
  • coaching focuses on future rather than past behaviour
  • adapt your coaching to the learner and the context
  • intelligent coaching helps people learn for themselves as well as showing them how to do something

who is it for

  • team leaders and supervisors at all levels

how to use it

  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • people management skills
  • management training
  • emotional intelligence for team leaders
  • group training or self-study

what you get

  • engaging realistic workplace video story (14mins)
  • video chapters' to focus on and consider key points
  • structure with good and poor examples of coaching
  • training notes and resources for a group workshop
  • self-assessment questionnaire

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  Yvonne is about to lose a key member of her team. Anita helps her understand how a more positive coaching approach might help solve the problem...

A realistic workplace story with examples of good and bad coaching


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"We liked the characters. They are easy to relate to, make it more real.'’
(Pauline Macafferty, North Lanarkshire Council)

‘I'm impressed with the production quality of the film and the booklet. It is an extremely realistic portrayal of coaching used in the workplace, and doesn't rely on one formula but advocates taking a coaching approach to situations. In this way I think it portrays more accurately how subtle coaching can be, and something to be used in all kinds of situations.‘'
(Celia Clark, OUP)

'This DVD is a vital inclusion within our coaching training course - it provides invaluable discussion points and great examples of good practice as well as affording further opportunities to explore collaborative support through coaching here at L&Q''
(John Seaman, London & Quadrant)