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The Leadership / Management Mix

video and e.learning versions

The Leadership / Management Mix helps you better understand what it takes to be successful as a manager and leader. The realistic video engages you with the issues; the supporting materials help you apply the ideas to your own circumstances.

key learning points

  • setting targets
  • reviewing progress
  • motivating and developing
  • articulating a vision
  • inspiring commitment
  • challenging the status quo

who is it for

  • people management skills
  • leadership skills
  • the management / leadership mix
  • people management skills

how to use it

  • managers and team leaders at all levels
  • learning skills workshops
  • appraisals and coaching
  • induction and personal development
  • training the trainers
  • group training and self-study

what you get


  • engaging realistic workplace drama (18mins)
  • 'chapter' structure with good and bad examples of management and leadership in action
  • facilitators guide with training notes and presentation materials written by experienced trainer Larry Reynolds,
  • workbook questionnaire for self study and use in groups
  • e.learning

  • structured video 'chapters'
  • think / remember / review prompts
  • self-assessment questionnaire and action planner

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  “It's a tough choice. Both are strong candidates...


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‘I really enjoyed it. I thought it was concise and to the point and the scenarios were fantastic. The whole package including the booklet is incredibly helpful and informative from a facilitator point of view.'
(Hayley Lewis, Croydon Council)

‘It’s good, makes some interesting points, and engages the viewer well. I thought the question at the end was great - I’d found myself asking the same question throughout.‘
(Susan Trinder, Accent Group)

'It was very well done.  I thought the structure was right and liked the way the different areas of leadership and management were discussed.'

(Isabelle Labonte, The Children's Trust)

'I really liked the format of the film. In the end I would have given the job to Helen because tough times need tough characters. Although I could see that she might take a short-term view.'
(Stephanie Sparrow, Training and Coaching Today)