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As Old As You Feel

- promoting diversity in the workplace 

Does age matter where you work? Both young and old can be discriminated against because of their age. But legislation now makes it unlawful to do so directly or indirectly. And employing people of all ages makes good business sense.

As Old As You Feel demonstrates the team leader's role in promoting a positive approach to age in particular, and diversity in general.

key learning points

  • how age discrimination effects people of all ages
  • the Employment Equality (Age) regulations
  • the benefits of a positive approach
  • the implications for the manager's job

who is it for

  • managers and team leaders for managing diversity
  • all staff for age awareness training

how to use it

  • age awareness
  • diversity and equal opportunitiese
  • managing diversity
  • management skills - interviewing, performance review
  • group training or self-study

what you get

  • light-hearted animation (10 mins) with key point summary
  • video 'chapters' organised by examples
  • commentary by Jenni Murray
  • user guide with detailed training notes and presentation slides

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  "You're doing very well... for your age"

Animation style look at diversity in the workplace and how a manager can help get it right


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‘Entertaining as well as good for learning'
(John Grace, TUC)

‘Good quaility. Good approach using cartoons - light yet captures some key elements and thoughts‘
(Reena Dayal, Aviva)

A very good light-hearted (but with a serious message about consequences) look at how age affects us at different stages of life and our careers'

(Kim Hunter, Scottish Executive)