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Managing - only just!

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Are you aware of how pressure affects your performance as a manager? As managers we can find ourselves squeezed between demands form 'on high' and lack of resources from below. With the phone ringing constantly and the emails flooding in, we can be stressed. We can become inflexible, neglect the very things that can most help us.

Managing - only just! focuses on key behaviours that help us manage effectively under pressure and best maintain a life / work balance. With an insightful on-screen commentary by Dr. Michael Reddy, founder of ICAS, Managing - only just! is a powerful dramatic case study.

key learning points me

  • be aware of the effects of pressure on yourself and your team
  • be flexible
  • keep direction
  • build positive working relationships

who is it for

  • all managers and team leaders in public and private sectors
  • senior managers responsible for H&S policy

how to use it

  • performance management
  • stress management and work / life balance
  • change management
  • leadership development
  • group training and self-study
  • group training or self-study

what you get

  • realistic video drama (20mins) with key point summary
  • 'video chapters' to focus on and consider key points
  • video commentary by Dr. Michael Reddy
  • training guide
  • self-study guide
  • self-study guide
  • self-assessment questionnaire
  • organisation guide

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  Gavin's not a bad manager but he's under a lot of pressure at work and at home...

A powerful realistic workplace drama


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‘Everything's great about this pack - it's really good, very relevant'
(Mark Smith, dfes)

‘Incredibly realistic.‘
(Gillian Homeri, British Council)

It's a long time since I've seen a video that good. Very well produced, very convincing.'

(John Boyle, East Sussex LEA)

  Gold Worldmedal Winner

(for management training at New York International Film and Video Festival)