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Recipe for Health & Safety

- health & safety in practice

Lifting something too heavy, tripping over trailing wires, overloading an electrical socket - all potential hazards that can cause a major accident. Rick Stein and his team at the Seafood Restaurant demonstrate how health and safety affects everyone in an organisation – from chefs to waiters, from office staff to cleaners. Recipe for Health & Safety is an engaging demonstration of good practice. It encourages everyone to take responsibility all the time for their own safety, and that of their colleagues and customers.

key learning points

  • take responsibility
  • be aware, assess risks
  • communicate concerns
  • look after yourself, your colleagues, your customers
  • know the procedure

who is it for

  • everyone in the workplace
  • managers and team leaders
  • H&S staff reps
  • personnel and H&S managers

how to use it

  • manual handling
  • fire
  • cuts and burns, slips and trips
  • group training and self-study

what you get

  • documentary style video (24 mins)in three sections
  • CD-ROM interactive programme option
  • user guide

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  "We can take health and safety for granted until something happens to us"...(Rick Stein)

Demonstration of good practice in the key areas of manual handling, fire, and slips & trips. 


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'We found the production of the video first class. It’s one of the best I’ve seen..., very relevant'
(Lynne Lewis, Pro-Bel)

'It’s a really good video with real people showing real conditions at work. We have a lot of foreign staff and it was helpful that the message was put across well visually'
(Claire Carter, Crieff Hydro)

‘A good general overview to all h&S issues’

(Emma Hancock, Midland Hotels)