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Recipe for Success

introduction to management and motivation

An inspirational case study for new managers, a shot in the arm for those already doing it. Managers with a technical or professional background can find themselves running a team with little formal training. It happened to TV chef and successful businessman Rick Stein.

In Recipe for Success Rick shares with us what he has learned about managing people. It's a 'bottom up ' jargon-free demonstration of what it takes to motivate and lead a team.

key learning points

  • leading by example
  • delegation
  • setting standards
  • communication
  • support and development

who is it for

  • new managers and team leaders in all organisations
  • 'refresher' for existing managers

how to use it

  • introduction to key management skills
  • leadership development
  • trigger material for motivation and delegation training
  • leadership development

what you get

  • stimulating video case study (16 mins)
  • 'video chapters' organissed in subject sections
  • workbook
  • user guide

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  I hated delegating... I was even retentive about things like PAYE".(Rick Stein)

Rick Stein demonstrates his recipe for leading a team successfully. 


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'Absolutely superb - for our catering people and in fact for all parts of the business'
(Criag Hyle, Alpha Retail)

‘Thank you. I had a great day using the video‘
(Vivienne Child, Child Associates)

'Managers, particularly those working in a local authority, are often seen as sitting behind a desk. With the video we can say look at this - this is what you should be doing.'

(Maureen Waller, Wakefield M.D.C)