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- using email effectively 

Do your emails really deliver?

Arguably email is now the main form of communication in the workplace. But how well do we use it? It's speed and ease of use can be a double edged sword. How often have you fired off a reply only to regret it? Or sent someone a confidential message and copied it around the organisation by mistake? e.asywriter is a fun approach to promoting good email practice. With input from specialist trainers emailogic, the pack provides clear practical advice on how to best use email.

key learning points

  • write emails with IMPACT
  • manage your inbox
  • observe security and legal practices
  • save time, reduce stress

who is it for

  • anyone who uses email

how to use it

  • communication skills
  • time managemen
  • IT training
  • group training and self-study

what you get

  • video story (17 mins)
  • video 'chapters' to focus on and consider key learning points
  • CD-ROM with video and practical tips
  • training guide with course notes
  • quick guide and summary cards

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  When Mel’s poor use of email gets her into trouble, the Email Controllers step in to sort her out...

An amusing story with clear training points



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'Everyone who sees it really enjoys it. We’ve found it very useful.''
(Richard Davies, Patent Office)

‘We used it with junior staff. it went down very well and they said we should use it with senior staff ‘
(Carol Woodley, Abacus)

'The fact that e.asywriter is enjoyable to use, as well as instructionally sound, should be recommendation enough to managers and trainers alike.''
(Training Journal)