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Live & Learn

- learning skills in the workplace 

Take responsibility for your own learning - be a 3-D learner. Effective learning has a big impact on individual and team performance. Live & Learn helps improve learning skills.

Made with learning champion Peter Honey - a stimulating graphics-based ideas video. 

key learning points

  • analyse and improve the ways you learn;
  • transfer learning to other situations
  • exploit learning opportunities
  • differentiate between planned and intuitive learning

who is it for

  • all team members
  • managers
  • trainers

how to use it

  • learning skills workshops
  • appraisals and coaching
  • induction and personal development
  • training the trainers
  • group training and self-study

what you get

  • conceptual graphics-based video (12 mins)
  • video 'chapters' to focus on and consider key points
  • video introduction by Peter Honey ( 5 mins)
  • 85 page workbook
  • training guide with exercises and activities
  • learning skills questionnaire

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  Effective learning = learning behaviours + learning opportunities

Stimulating graphics-based 'ideas' video introducing 3-D Learning. 


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'A really nice package. It’s not just the obvious ways of using it - we’ve found some less obvious places like coaching.'
(Cate Hollinshead, Southern Derbyshire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust)

'It’s such a great message and so simple - a really good platform for people to come onto learning & development programmes'
(Beverlie Wilkinson, Nuggets)

‘Brings idea to life, very visual, strong memory triggers’

(Diane Basavarage, Royal & Sun Alliance)