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It's Personal

- for the customer and for you 

As consumers ourselves, we all know how important customer service is. Despite this we can find it hard to provide consistently good service in our own jobs.

We’ve teamed up with Rick Stein and his team to demonstrate the skills and attitudes that underpin their reputation for great customer service - face- to- face, in the restaurants, hotels, shops, and on the phone. It's Personal's main message is that having the right approach is not only good for the customer - it's good for you. A motivational video for anyone in contact with customers.

key learning points

  • having the right attitude
  • knowing your business
  • communicating positively
  • taking responsibility
  • learning from experiencee

who is it for

  • anyone in contact with customers - face-to-face or on the phone
  • managers and team leaders

how to use it

  • customer service training
  • management development
  • induction and personal development

what you get

  • It's Personal - for the customer and for you - a stimulating case study
  • video 'chapters' organised in key subject sections
  • It's Personal - for the organisation too - extra video for team leaders who manage customer service
  • It's Personal - but don't take it personally! - extra video with tips for handling difficult customers
  • user guide with detailed training notes and resources

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"If you care about what you’re doing of course you take it personally"... (Rick Stein)

A 'fly on the wall' look at Rick's team in action.


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'As good as his Cornish pasties and that says a great deal'
(Brian Cain, Derbyshire Police)

‘I think this is a fantastic product.' ‘
(Angela McQueen, Balmoral Hotel)

'We were impressed with the video and the interpersonal skills and working relationships it portrayed.'
(Lorraine Parker, Barclays University Library)